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Mullenax News Developments

The End is near

In one week, Mullenax News signs off. Unfortunately, the webmaster is too busy to continue maintaining the site and the founder also wants some time off. It has been a tremendous and enjoyable ride for everyone involved here at Mullenax News.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, read articles, posted comments, complimented, criticized and otherwise participated in the ride. We greatly appreciate it and wish everyone the best.


The Pro-Homosexual Corporation Boycott information is here!

This is the most important development in Mullenax News since the Pro-Choice Celebrity Boycott. And it works...check out the update on the boycott!

If you oppose the homosexual lifestyle, we urge you to join in the Pro-Homosexual Corporation Boycott by boycotting corporations that donate money to homosexual activists. Mullenax News gives you the 411 so you can get started.


The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Have you ever wondered why one disciple of Jesus was singled out in the Bible as the one "whom Jesus loved"? While this "other disciple, whom Jesus loved" had a prominent role in the life of Jesus, it seems that few take the time to consider why he described himself in this way. Some say he called himself this in order to be humble. But if true, would that mean that the Apostle John was being less humble when he used his name repeatedly in the Book of Revelation?

A new book called The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved by J. Philips (Pro-Life takes a closer look at this "other disciple" and the special role that he played in the life of Jesus. His motive for hiding his identity was actually much more virtuous and this book will show you from the scriptures why it was the one-of-a-kind gift that God gave to this disciple that explains both his boldness and his choice to remain anonymous. Get ready for a surprise because the answer is in the Bible, hidden in plain sight.


Press Release: College Republican Challenges North Carolina Republican Party

Conservative columnist and political activist Alan Teitleman said it best when dealing with hypocritical Republicans:

"Conservativism is not something that you throw out as a talking point or something you wear on your sleeve. It is a set of firm principles and beliefs that you practice as well as preach."

Read more about this press release.


Ward Churchill's claims of membership in Cherokee tribes false?

According to the American Indian Movement (AIM) and The United Keetoowah Band Cherokee, Ward Churchill does not have a membership in either Cherokee tribes, as he claimed in his previous books and articles.

Churchill's bitter words are coming back to haunt him. Let's thank people like Bill O'Reilly and Fox News for exposing this evil little man since CNN, MSNBC, and CBS were too cowardly to report it. Write to Mr. O'Reilly at At the same time, also let Mr. O'Reilly know that he was very disappointing in his puffball interview with Niles Rodgers of the We Are Family Foundation.

Please make sure to let them know that Mullenax News sent you.

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The Pro-Choice Celebrity Boycott information is here!

Richard Mullenax provides the hit list, contact info and tips on how to get started in letting the pro-choice celebrities know how you well as information on how to promote the Pro-Choice Celebrity Boycott on your own web site.

Inside Mullenax News

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Defend Traditional Marriage in North Carolina

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The Deconstruction Of Moral Values

By Robert E. Meyer

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The Right To Marry...

By Rob Tong

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An Interview With A Lethal Man

By Peter & Helen Evans

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Social Security for Whom?

By Robert Meyer

Posted on Thursday 10th of February 2005 01:44 PM MST

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CNN’s Eason Jordan: Another Dan Rather Moment?

By Sher Zieve

Posted on Thursday 10th of February 2005 01:42 PM MST

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A Frightening Message from Inside Islam

By Barbara J. Stock

Posted on Thursday 10th of February 2005 01:40 PM MST

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Secretary Of State Rice Tells Europe To Get With Freedom Spread

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Posted on Thursday 10th of February 2005 01:37 PM MST

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Finally, a Modest Step Toward Fiscal Sanity

By Mike Bates

Posted on Thursday 10th of February 2005 01:35 PM MST

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Abbas: Cut Out Bloody TV

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Posted on Monday 07th of February 2005 09:46 AM MST

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Iraq Elections: The True Heroes

By Sher Zieve

Posted on Monday 07th of February 2005 09:42 AM MST

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After Fundraising Scandal, College Republicans Brace for Contested Election

By John T. Plecnik

Posted on Monday 07th of February 2005 09:40 AM MST

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